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Boudoir frequently asked questions

because you are bloody fabulous darling.


The woman on your website looks like a model. I don’t know if I can look like that.

The woman on my website and other ladies I have photographed are everyday women that are exactly where you are. Never had a boudoir session before and quite anxious about the whole thing. But don’t worry you will look amazing as well. I’ve guided all shapes and sizes through this amazing photo shoot and I’m confident that I can do the same for you. All you have to do is book the session and let me hold your hand.


 What do I need?

I like to keep things very simple. I want you to bring outfits/lingerie that you love and that you feel comfortable in!


Is hair and makeup included in the price?

The price of the photography session includes makeup and a spray tan - these are local businesses that I have collaborated with and once you book in with me I will organise with them (and you) to get your spray tan and makeup booked in. Hair is not included will need to be organised by you or you can always do yourself - which most people do! 



Do you edit out stretch marks, cellulite etc.?

 In a short answer - YES I DO! After the photo shoot I will go through and select the best images (I delete blinking, awkward faces/angles/poses etc) and then send you a contact sheet of your images along with about 2-3 I have edited. You will then be able to see exactly what the 'end product' will look like with the 2-3 edited images from your session. You then get to select your favourite images and they will then go through the same editing process as the example edits. With boudoir editing I smooth skin, remove stretch marks, cellulite and temporary blemishes. If this is something you DON’T like, No Problem! Just let me know before your session is complete and I will not edit those things. PLEASE NOTE: I will not make you look like someone else. The purpose of this session is so that you can see the goddess that you truly are with a bit of fancy air brushing!


Do I have to be photographed NUDE?

 NO, NO you do not. Totally optional and most ladies like to be photographed in 2-3 different lingerie outfits, not nude. My number one goal is to make sure you’re comfortable. 


I need my images to remain PRIVATE. Will my images be on your website?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I repeat ABSOLUTELY NOT! - The gorgeous lady that you see on the website has given me permission to show off her images. I will never post anything without your consent.


Do you photograph couples?

While I love to see beautiful couples in pictures. It’s just not my jam. I have decided that I like to keep the focus on making ladies only feel amazing and beautiful.


 Can I have a friend or partner with me as support?

 Yep! I allow one friend/partner to come and hang with you during your session as long as you’re comfortable with it.


 Where are you located?

I do a lot of boudoir shoots at a private home in Apiti. OR I can come to your home (within the Manawatu area). I have also started doing outdoor boudoir photo shoots which have been very popular!

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